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Full 34 Strengths

Our Top 5 Signature Themes are just the beginning!

We function in up to 10 – 12 Signature Themes of talent as our Dominant Patterns. We also have themes which act as supportive patterns and then there are the Themes at the bottom of the list of 34, which are known as our non-patterns.

To download your Full 34 Report go to the Gallup Strengths Center and purchase your Strengths Development Package.

A Full 34 Strengths Coach is trained to unpack an individual's Full 34 Theme Sequence Report. The coach will share strategies to help individuals discover and leverage their talents, while managing their non-patterns, to meet personal goals and enhance relationships, wellbeing and credibility.

If you are keen to learn more about the order of your Full 34 and to discuss a coaching session, contact a coach in your area.