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8 years to 12 years old

Each child is talented.  There is something that each child can do really well. In fact better than most people they know.  What is it? What is the unique talent they bring to the world?

We each have great talents, and the more we know about them, the more we understand what makes us special and how we use our talents today, tomorrow , next year and beyond.

The Strengths Explorer Report helps you to think about these talents by describing 3 of your Top Signature Themes of talent.

The Strengths Explorer Workbook has been designed for parents to use with their child or for a mentor or teacher to use as a tool to encourage their child or group to understand their unique talents and how each person is different and also has unique talents.

Steps to do StrengthsExplorer

1. Purchase your StrengthsExplorer Package (USD$7.95) from https://www.strengths-explorer.com.

2. Email your Signature Theme Report to a certified coach. To find a coach in your area go here. Your coach will contact you directly to make an appointment. Each coach is trained to make this session a very relaxed yet insightful, positive experience for you.