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Full 34 Coach Training

Accredited Top 5 Strengths Advisors can take the next step in their training by becoming a Full 34 Coach. In addition to providing feedback on an individual’s Top 5 Clifton StrengthsFinder theme report, coaches can consult on their Full 34 Theme Sequence report.

During this training you will learn strategies to help others discover and leverage their talents, while managing non-patterns to meet personal goals and enhance personal relationships, well being and credibility.

Cost: $1800
You will then need to return your registration form and money to the Strengths Network office before close off date.

Morning and afternoon teas will be provided, however, flights, accommodation and food are the responsibility of each individual.

Terms and Conditions

  1. Each person must be an Accredited Top 5 Strengths Coach and have completed 25 Top 5 sessions.
  2. Each component of the training is critical to the process and full participation is required to certify as an accredited coach.
  3. Strengths Coaches are required to participate in a yearly recertification course to maintain their certification.

Information and Registration forms for courses currently open to register are shown below.