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2017 SNSP Training Schedule



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27 July   Strengths Exploration Workshop: Learner/Woo Wellington   $120 Info  Register 7 July
12 Sept   Partnership Christchurch   $1,200 TBA 11 Aug
13-14 Sept   Team Christchurch   $1,800 TBA 11 Aug
14 Sept   Introduction to Strengths Group Workshop Training Christchurch   $120 TBA 11 Aug
26 Oct   Strengths Exploration Workshop: Delib/Intellection Christchurch   $120 Info  Register 6 Oct


Do You Want to Help Others Discover “What’s Right”?

StrengthsNetwork South Pacific offers training to enable coaches to provide feedback and consultation using the themes identified by Clifton Strengthsfinder.


Top 5 Individual Strengths Coach

This is designed to give the coach the tools to help individuals discover what is right and use this to create an individual development plan.  Top 5 Coach training is an intensive three-day course, at the conclusion of which coaches are equipped to provide individual coaching sessions, usually consisting of an initial 90 minute consultation, followed up by an optional additional consultation if required.

Partnership Strengths Coach

To participate in this training participants must be an accredited Top 5 Coach and have completed a minimum of 25 individual Top 5 coaching sessions.

This is the first module of Team Coaching and must be completed before Team Coach Training can be attended.  It will enable the coach to help two people discover how they can work together to achieve their common goals. To participate in this training individuals must be an accredited Top 5 Coach and completed a minimum of 25 individual Top 5 coaching sessions.


Team Strengths Coach

The Partnership training is a key component of Team training and is a prerequisite for your participation in the Team training course. During this training participants will learn strategies and be given the tools to help individuals partner with each other to meet team performance goals and enjoy a deeper level of understanding in both personal and professional relationships. 


Full 34 Strengths Coach

This course follows on from Top 5 Coach Training. A Full 34 Strengths Coach is trained to unpack an individual’s Full 34 Theme Sequence Report. The coach will learn strategies to help individuals discover and leverage their talents, while managing their non-patterns, to meet personal goals and enhance relationships, wellbeing and credibility. To participate in this training individuals must be an Accredited Top 5 Coach and completed a minimum of 25 individual Top 5 coaching sessions.


Training Requirements

To participate in training participants will need to:

  • Have completed their Clifton StrengthsFinder assessment and participated in a personal Top 5 coaching session with an Accredited coach.
  • Participate in a block course, facilitated by the StrengthsNetwork.
  • Complete the required number of satisfactory review forms from your coaching (number depends on training level).
  • Engage in a final feedback interview with the trainer once all the reviews have been received.