About Us

“Ma te kotahitanga e whai kaha ai tatau – In unity we have strength”

We are an organisation that exists to develop individuals and teams using CliftonStrengths®. The Strengths Network was established in 2006 as a client of Gallup® to:

  • provide CliftonStrengths® coaching for individuals and teams;
  • train, support and resource Strengths Network accredited coaches;
  • create opportunities for members of the Network to connect;
  • promote the importance of coaching and uphold the professional standards of the Strengths Network Code of Ethics.


If you are a coach and are interested in joining our Network, click here for a short video on the benefits of membership.

The Network is made up of accredited Strengths Network coaches whose common mission is to actively work together towards the Strengths revolution in the South Pacific. Network members can also enjoy the support of their coaching peers and their local Hub leaders, who are committed to hosting local gatherings to connect, and present the latest resources and tools.

Our Accredited Strengths Coaches are available to work with individuals and teams. Click the box below to contact one of our experienced coaches.

Meet the Coaches

Tessa Dodge

Founder, Strengths Network South Pacific

Tessa Dodge attended her first Gallup Certified Training in 2006. This trip was sponsored by Canterbury Youth Services who were looking for a tool that would impact the sustainability of youth workers in the region. At the time the average length of service for a youth worker was 18 months. This was significantly increased once youth workers started focussing on how they work best and how to maximise those who were strong where they were weak.  

On her return to New Zealand, Tessa began her own coaching practise starting with youth workers in Canterbury. Tessa saw first hand the impact that productively applying Strengths had on people’s roles and relationships and the opportunity this created for people to be completely authentic and have a way of describing this to build connections and understanding. This led Tessa to start negotiating with Gallup to make training available in New Zealand to provide more coaches to meet the growing demand for Strengths coaching.

In 2008 the first New Zealand training course was held. This was sponsored by Canterbury Youth Services and was jointly led by Gallup staff and Tessa. Subsequent training courses were held in this manner, until in 2012 Gallup suggested that Tessa, under the umbrella of the Strengths Network, could run all training courses independently.

Since then, Tessa has continued to lead the Strengths Network and has made it her mission to support and resource trained Strengths Network coaches. She has also continued to coach in a wide variety of contexts, whether it’s a young person thinking about their future, a Mum caring for her pre-schooler, a manager or a team facing new opportunities or challenges.   

“The Strengths revolution was never going to be achieved alone. It is only when we intentionally work together, to help people discover and celebrate their differences and their greatest contributions that we will start to see New Zealand and the South Pacific becoming Strengths-based Nations.” Tessa Dodge, 2007.

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