Career Guidance

Almost every person who takes the CliftonStrengths® assessment asks the same questions: What's the right career for me? What should I consider doing now? What is my best fit? These are complex questions and understanding your Strengths is a great starting point.

High schoolers

Deciding what to do once you leave school can be a daunting decision. Understanding yourself and the world of work and how they fit together is a crucial part of discovering career options that you can thrive in. CliftonStrengths® is not a career inventory. It does not tell you what career path to follow, but it helps you discover the areas where your greatest talents lie and where your best opportunity for success might be. A Strengths-based career coaching session looks into how your Strengths shape who you are and how they can be applied in different careers. Explore the type of work environments that would enable your talents to flourish in conjunction your personal interests, abilities and values, and come up with a workable plan to take you forward and empower you in your career making decisions.

“What is my fit and what pieces must fit together for a satisfying career?”

Recent Graduates

After years of study and student life, there will no doubt be a number of options and pathways to choose from as you seek to find that perfect job. Having a Strengths-based conversation can help you bring everything into focus and enable you discover the role that’s right for you and your skill set. A place where you are engaged, feel productive and will thrive.

People in Transition

Are you young or not so young and looking for a change in direction, or a parent returning to the work force? A Strengths-based coaching session can help you approach this transition time with confidence. Focusing on your Strengths and looking at your past successes and areas of interest will enable you to find a new rewarding career path in an environment that brings out your best.

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