Carolyn Hanson

Accreditation Level:
- Top 5
- Partnership
- Team
- All 34

Top 5 Strengths: Communication, Maximizer, Strategic, Activator, Woo

Coaching Expertise: Not for Profit Organizations, Church leadership teams, Education – Intermediate and Secondary Schools, Tertiary Institutions, Small Business, Couples, Careers, Leadership, Faith based organisations, Families, Parenting and personal development.

Coaching Methods: Carolyn has experience in many contexts of coaching. Packages are designed to suit the needs of the client. Some examples of these are: Individual Coaching - Top 5; Full 34, Partnership
Coaching: Pre married, Married or Business, Introductory Workshops,Team Coaching Workshops, Family Coaching, StrengthsExplorer workshops within Schools and Introductory StrengthsExplorer workshops
for teachers.

Carolyn has been coaching in StrengthsFinder/Explorer for 3 years and is trained in all levels of StrengthsFinder (Top 5/Partnership/Team/Full 34) and is also a Gallup Certified Coach.
Carolyn has developed a series of workshops based on StrengthsExplorer and delivered with a team of coaches to Year 9 Students. This was supported by a series of workshops and coaching for the teaching Staff. The programme was embedded into the Health Curriculum.
Carolyn loves to work with individuals, couples and teams to help them reach their full potential – to be the best that they can be.
Carolyn has a background in Training and Facilitating in the community. She has worked as a Children’s Pastor, Strengthening Families Coordinator and is currently working for the Parenting Place coordinating and facilitating parenting courses. She communicates effectively in individual and group settings.