Debbie Armstrong

Accreditation Level:
- Top 5
- Partnership
- Team
- CliftonStrengths 34
Masterclass Distinction

  • 027 380 4768
  • Skype coaching available
  • Strongarm Coaching

Top 5 Strengths: Developer, Achiever, Responsibility, Harmony, Consistency

Coaching Expertise: Careers, Leadership, Personal Development, Faith, Not for Profit Organizations, Parenting, Students, Youth, Relationship

Coaching Methods: Individual via skype or in person, partnership, team, group workshop

I am married with 3 adult children. I have a Medical Laboratory background and have been involved in children's and youth ministry over the years. I've been a Strengths Coach since 2012 and love it. My passion is to help others discover and reach their full potential through recognising and encouraging their unique talents. I love to work with individuals, couples and teams, helping them unpack what they are naturally do best and looking at practical ways they can develop and build on this to produce positive outcomes in all areas of life. I'm passionate about helping young people (of all ages) discover how knowing their strengths can assist them with motivation, unlocking potential, leadership development, how they best learn and choosing a career path.

I also have a Diploma in Career guidance through NMIT and I enjoy combining the tools from both practices to empower individuals to make informed and fulfilling career decisions. For more information on my “Right Direction Careers coaching” check out