Fiona Deehan

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- Top 5

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Top 5 Strengths: Strategic, Individualization, Learner, Futuristic, Communication

Coaching Expertise: Small Business, Careers, Leadership, Personal Development, Executive Coaching, Life Coaching, Women navigating change (personal or professional)

Coaching Methods: Individual coaching packages, Keynote speaker, Group intro to Strengths, Collaboration with other coaches + consultants

I truly believe that all people are "powerful beyond measure" and that my role is to help people to see the power they have within them and then understand and utilise that power for the best possible outcome for themselves and others.

I help people navigate the thinking patterns and mindset that are stopping them from realising their potential in their work, business, life and relationships. I use CliftonStrengths alongside practical frameworks and strategies I have developed, to support and guide people from 'stuck to strength' and help them break the habits and patterns that are stopping them from having the work, business, life and relationships they want.

I primarily work with women navigating change (personal and professional), small business owners and leaders of teams.

CliftonStrengths coaching has formed a significant part of my role in the following projects which primarily focus on supporting community leaders:
Both of these projects have been collaborations with Leadership Lab and I am always open to discussing collaboration with other coaches and consultants who, like me, would like to scale the positive impact and reach of their work.