Kayleigh Woodings

Accreditation Level:
- Top 5

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Top 5 Strengths: Activator, Arranger, Input, Restorative, Individualization

Coaching Expertise: Small Business, Leadership, Personal Development, Executive Coaching, Government, Life Coaching, Not for Profit Organisations, Sales, Tourism, Mililtary

Coaching Methods:

Professional and Personal Development for Teams, Individuals, and Organisations

At Blue Mercury Leadership, we have experience in HR, Sales, Travel, Finance, Logistics, Youth Development, Tourism, Military, Education, Recruitment, so we can bring the diversity to your team!

Our aim is scalable, adaptable solutions, delivering exactly what is needed to develop your unique combination of talents, knowledge and skills.

By using Gallup CliftonStrengths Coaching, Emotional Culture Workshops and Bespoke Development Pillars, for you and your team.

We have programmes to discuss, the importance and implementation of Workplace and Team Culture, Employee and Customer Experience, and good Leadership techniques.

Contact us for a free chat about your personal and organisations needs and desired outcomes.