Kylie Sneddon

Accreditation Level:
- Top 5

  • +64274240718

Top 5 Strengths: Developer, Empathy, Belief, Restorative, Individualization

Coaching Expertise: Education, Small Business, Personal Development, Faith, Life Coaching, Not for Profit Organisations, Parenting

Coaching Methods: Individual coaching in person or via Skype

As a strengths coach I love celebrating the individual uniqueness and potential of each client. I enjoy being able to talk about what is 'right' with individuals and groups, and how they can leverage this and do more of what they do best. It is so rewarding when people understanding how we can use differences to unify people rather than divide.

I love people walking away feeling encouraged and inspired to intentionally invest into their themes as they journey from talent to strength. Sometimes people arrive feeling like the themes are just words and I enjoy helping bring them to life for them.