Linda McCarthy

Accreditation Level:
- Top 5
- Team
- CliftonStrengths 34

  • 022 697 5459
  • Skype coaching available

Top 5 Strengths: Strategic, Learner, Connectedness, Relator, Responsibility

Coaching Expertise: Careers, Leadership, Personal Development, Organizations, Students, Youth, Partnership, Team Engagement

Coaching Methods: In person, phone, Skype.

I am married with three adult children, one grandchild and a second on the way. I have been working with people in organisations all of my career. Encouraging people and teams to improve their skills and knowledge and how this can be grown through professional development. I have been a volunteer leader for Guides New Zealand and St John’s Youth while my own children where growing up. Chrysalis Education is my business and it came from my own passion of working with children and people of all ages who may need support in their self confidence, self esteem or just a better understanding of themselves to be the very best people they can be, for themselves and those they work and live with. My Strengths work with business is creating workplaces that are harmonious and everyone understands what each brings to the team. My Strengths work with teens is enabling them to make better subject and career choices for their future.

I am a SNSP Accredited Top 5 coach, and am working towards Accreditation in Full 34, Partnership and Team Coaching. If changing the way you look at professional development is important or you/someone you know needs support in their partnership or family I am available to meet to talk about your circumstances. If your community group or business would like to know more about the benefits of understanding how your inbuilt talents and strengths can increase your life happiness by an additional 3% or your team engagement by up to 6%, please do not hesitate to contact me. It just takes a simple conversation.