Marian Lane

Accreditation Level:
- Top 5
- Partnership
- Team

  • 027 437 9745

Top 5 Strengths: Individualization, Activator, Significance, Communication, Command

Coaching Expertise:

Coaching Methods:

Hi, I’m Marian Lane, living on the the gorgeous Manukau harbour, married to Tony with four teenage and young adult children, we live a busy and fulfilled life. I trained in 2013 and am accredited as an individual, partnership and team coach, coaching Strengths with a relationship, education and career focus. Running my own coaching business, Flourish Now, I am happy to coach via face-to-face and skype. My top 6 are Individualisation, Activator, Significance, Communication, Command and Woo and because of this I am inspired to share and encourage each person to be and do what they do best. In so doing, I believe that our families, our communities and our world can be impacted positively when we all know and use our innate talents intentionally. Treating each one's talent as a precious gift not to be wasted or frittered away is very important to me. I desire each person's life to show good fruit of a life well lived. I love the value of developing legacy especially in strong families and strong communities.