Mikala Grosse

Accreditation Level:
- Top 5

  • mikala@inspiredoffice.com.au
  • 0402 447 172
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Top 5 Strengths: Input, Empathy, Intellection, Developer, Connectedness

Coaching Expertise: Small Business, Personal Development

Coaching Methods: Individual Top 5 Coaching, in-person or online via Skype or Zoom

Hobart, Tasmania

Hi, I'm Mikala, Creator and Principal of Inspired Office, designed to help entrepreneurs and their businesses thrive online while maintaining the time and space to enjoy life with their families.

I’m a self-confessed tech geek and productivity enthusiast who values learning, experimenting, refining new ideas and creating better ways to do things. I’m also a leader in the digital minimalism and techmindfulness movement, which means I help businesses to become smarter and more sustainable in how they use their time and tech.

My goal as a CliftonStrengths coach is to help support as many businesswomen as possible to discover their zone of genius, to determine what it is they love to do and are naturally good at and help them to find ways to do more of it.

Sound exciting? Let’s begin!