Rachel Sangster

Accreditation Level:
- Top 5
- Partnership
- Team
- All 34

  • rachel.sangster@unlimited.org.nz
  • 027 904 8578
  • Rachel Sangster

Top 5 Strengths: Harmony, Includer, Developer, Communication, Empathy

Coaching Expertise: Education, Small Business, Leadership, Personal Development, Faith, Families, Not for Profit Orginizations, Parenting, Students, Youth, Children

Coaching Methods: Individual Top 5, Group Top 5 Workshops, Strengths Introduction Workshops, Team and Partnership Coaching

I love to be part of the journey in seeing everyone being the best "them" they can be. I especially enjoy walking alongside young people, children and families. Strengths has made such an impact in my own family that I want to share it with as many other families as possible. I am available to run workshops for groups of families to explore their Strengths together.