Samantha Mould

Accreditation Level:
- Top 5
- Partnership
- Team
- CliftonStrengths 34

  • Skype coaching available

Top 5 Strengths: Achiever, Input, Responsibility, Leaner, Individualization

Coaching Expertise: Students, Youth

Coaching Methods: Prefer to coach in person but happy to coach over skype or facebook messenger if required.

I fell in love with Strengths Finder when I first did the assessment and coaching at the end of my first year of Youth work in 2009. A few years later I was coached in my Full 34 and loved how this was the complete picture of my strengths. I trained as a Top 5 coach in 2013 and spent most of the next few years coaching young people through my job. In 2016 I trained in Partnership and Teams Coach and Full 34 Coach . I love the encouragement understanding Strengths brings and people seeing/ remembering what is right with themselves. I particularly enjoy coaching young people and helping them see how their unique strengths are core to who they are and what they would like to do in life.