Scottie Reeve

Accreditation Level:
- Top 5

  • 027 249 2627
  • 21 Elephants

Top 5 Strengths: Communication, Focus, Strategic, Restorative, Achiever

Coaching Expertise: Personal Development, Faith, Not for Profit Orginisations, Students, Youth

Coaching Methods: Individual Coaching $80

I have a particular passion for those who are 'stuck' in their pursuit of their next vocational or spiritual step. I have seen StrengthsFinder many times be the catalyst for a deeper self-awareness and self-confidence that can help people to move forward and make practical decisions about their lives in line with their talents. My coaching practice focuses on helping the individual to develop an awareness of how their strengths work in their day to day life, and to move them to a place of excitement and enthusiasm for the gift they can offer to their community and workplace.