Discover your Top 5 Strengths

To discover your Strengths all you need is a code to complete the online CliftonStrengths assessment.

To get this code contact one of our Strengths Network Accredited Coaches and they will provide you with a code and instructions. Alternatively you can purchase a code yourself.

1. To purchase your Top 5 CliftonStrengths access code (USD$19.99) go to This will allow you to complete the online assessment and identify your Top 5 Signature Themes. You will need to find a quiet and interruption free place to complete the test. Allow yourself 45 minutes for this process.

2. On completion of the assessment, you will receive your Top 5 Signature Theme Report. Read through this report to prepare for your coaching session.

3. Email your Top 5 Signature Theme Report to an Accredited Coach. Your coach will contact you directly to make an appointment. Each coach is trained to make this session a very relaxed yet insightful, positive experience for you.

Note: CliftonStrengths is designed to be a practical tool for individuals, however, without the coaching component, it merely becomes a fun pop-quiz with about as much impact.  In order to really understand your Strengths, spend time with an Accredited Coach who will help you discover the profound impact of your Top 5 Signature Themes in all areas of your life.

Dallas Harema

"Strengths focusses on what is right about you, what is good about you, what those natural talents are that you have that can be brought out and worked on to become a Strength. I love being a part of that process with other people and alongside other people."

David Pearce

"Strengthsfinder® has enabled me to see and appreciate my talents in a new and benevolent light. It’s added another dimension to my self awareness and become a platform for my personal growth. Now as a coach myself, I am loving how it shows each client how totally unique and valuable they are. It points to their authentic possibilities."

Emma Chivers

"Strengths revolutionised my life. I began to say yes to things I knew I could do well and no to things that just weren't sitting well with me at all. It gave me a whole new sense of freedom, and it's so exciting to see people discover that same thing for themselves."