CliftonStrengths® for Students

Teenagers and Young Adults

CliftonStrengths® for Students (previously known as Clifton StrengthsQuest®) is a student development and engagement program designed to help high school and university students achieve success in academics, career, and life. This tool uses the same CliftonStrengths questionnaire as used for adults, however it's web-based applications are all developed with students in mind. CliftonStrengths® for Students helps students celebrate differences and acknowledge each individuals unique contribution to their community.

Personal Development

When students find what they are good at, they also know how to be the best version of themselves. By discovering what they do best every day, students develop resiliency, become more engaged in their learning and celebrate the differences in others. Contact an Accredited Strengths coach.


Deciding what to do once you leave school can be a daunting decision. Understanding yourself and the world of work and how they fit together is a crucial part of discovering career options that you can thrive in. Learning how your Strengths can be applied in different careers and the type of work environment you are best suited to are all ways to help refine the type of career options you choose to pursue. By learning goal setting strategies you can help yourself get one step closer to achieving your career dreams. Read more about Career Guidance.

Leadership Development

Effective leaders know what they do well, and they find ways to apply their talents authentically and productively. This will give each leader a valuable tool to help recognise and develop the unique contributions of others within their school and youth community.

Group Sessions

Group sessions can be customised for student councils, sport teams, prefect training, staff development and any other teams within the school environment. These two hour interactive workshops focus on working together and acknowledging each person’s individual contribution.

Jack Hickey writes “Do not look at what you can not do; but instead look at what you can do. Once you find that, you build on it”.

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