Do you want to help others discover “What’s Right”?

Do you lead others? Could you help others to discover their Strengths and find their best “fit”?  Would you like to use the CliftonStrengths tool to inspire individuals and teams to create more positive team cultures and help each person understand where the greatest opportunity for success in their roles and relationships lies? We can equip you to equip others because "Everybody Needs a Coach".

Dallas Harema

"Strengths focusses on what is right about you, what is good about you, what those natural talents are that you have that can be brought out and worked on to become a Strength. I love being a part of that process with other people and alongside other people."

Top 5 Individual Strengths Coach Training

This course is designed to give participants the tools to help individuals discover what is right and use this to create an individual development plan. Top 5 coach training is an intensive three-day course, at the conclusion of which coaches are equipped to provide individual coaching sessions. These usually consist of an initial 90 minute consultation, followed up by optional additional consultations as required. Prior to registering for Top 5 coach training, participants must have completed their CliftonStrengths® assessment and participated in an individual Top 5 coaching session with an accredited coach. Strengths Network coaches are not Gallup certified as the Strengths Network is an independent training provider. All Strengths Network coaches are trained and resourced to use the CliftonStrengths tool.

Everybody Needs a Coach - check out this video from Gallup, the developers of the CliftonStrengths tool - it gives a great explanation of how Strengths Coaches can help people see what's right about themselves.

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